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Virgin Mobile is offering its customers an opportunity to be amongst the first to experience the power of the 5G network in the UAE.

Virgin Mobile has announced that it is offering its customers the chance to be amongst the first to get connected on the new 5G network via a dedicated pre-registration website.

Customers are now able to sign up to be the first to know when they can get their hands on a cutting edge 5G-enabled mobile device.  

UAE residents will also be able to experience a live demonstration of the 5G network at an event which is happening over the month of May. It will kick off on the 8th of May in one of the first locations where the 5G network is available, Dubai Design District, and all are welcome to attend.

Karim Benkirane, Managing Director at Virgin Mobile UAE commented: “The world is going mobile and people are consuming more data every year, particularly as the popularity of video and music streaming increases. Whatever we do now with our smartphones we'll be able to do faster and better on the 5G network, and we want Virgin Mobile customers to be ready to experience this."

"5G is about so much more than just fast download speeds and lower latency,” continued Benkirane.  “What's really exciting is the sheer number of new digital services that will be enabled by the 5G network that we can't foresee. The internet of things, for example, will make homes smarter, and new possibilities will open for customers through enhanced mobile Artificial Intelligence and virtual reality. 5G will usher a new chapter in the digital world, and as a brand with digital in our DNA, Virgin Mobile is poised to be an innovator at the forefront of this new era.”

Existing and new customers with a 5G-enabled device will be able to benefit from super-fast download speeds and incredible responsiveness available via 5G on the Network. 5G-enabled mobile devices are set to launch in UAE sometime in June 2019.



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