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His excellency, Dr. Mohammed Al-Suwaiyel, Minister of communications and information technology, accompanied by high-level delegation from the Ministry of communications and information technology, visited Mobily Data Center at Al Malaga, Riyadh. He was briefed on the advanced technologies adopted by Mobily to create data centers which spread in Kingdom cities and provinces, and what such centers provide in terms of advanced technologies that support ""2030 Vision"".

His excellency, and accompanied delegation were received by Mr. Ahmad Farroukh, Mobily chief executive officer, and other official executives, where they took a tour inside the center sections and listened to a detailed explanation on all services and advanced technologies provided by this center. In which, Al Malaga Data Center considered to be in 1st place in Asia and Middle East, and in 10th place internationally. This center holds Tier IV classification from Uptime Organization, which considered the highest international organization in data centers evaluation.

Mr. Farroukh confirmed that: ""Mobily owns the biggest system for data and technology centers in the region, whereas the company owns a synchronized 58 center spread all over the Kingdom, which guarantees continuous operational service to all Mobily subscribers. These centers provide unprecedented advanced technologies such as; hosting big data, cloud computing, managed services and IoT. These specific technologies are the required infrastructure to cities transformation in line with 2030 Vision. Therefore; we are proud and pleased to be a contributor in this technical transformation which is the Government aspiration.""

Engineer Ismail Saeed A. AlGhamdi, chief business officer, presented a demonstration on how data centers support Mobily's infrastructure, and its government and private business sector subscribers, in relation to billing services, customer service, operating systems, cloud computing services, managed services and data hosting. He also reviewed Mobily's investment in its infrastructure for the last few years.

Dr. Al-Suwaiyel praised during his visit Mobily's data centers infrastructure and stressed on the importance of advanced technologies provided by such centers in supporting national transformation and 2030 Vision.

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