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Etisalat announced the roll out of IPv6, the latest standard in internet addressing technology enabling every device to have its own IP address and connect directly to the internet.

IPv6 is the future of internet addressing and is now rolling out across the UAE for all Etisalat eLife customers. IPv6 will enable many new and innovative services including smart homes, connected wearables, smart power grids while acting as the foundation for billions of machine-to-machine devices to communicate directly via the Internet of Things (IOT).

Etisalat eLife subscribers are expected to benefit from improved latency and speed while using applications, websites and services. As more connected-home devices become available, IPv6 will improve the set-up experience while delivering the potential for increased security.

Esmaeel Al Hammadi, Senior Vice President, Network Development, Etisalat UAE said: ""We as Etisalat always strive to provide the latest technologies and innovations to enable UAE remain a leader in all aspects, as the country leaders always emphasise. IPv6 shall open the doors to many new services for smart cities and IOT in addition to enhance customer experience""

Jonathan Haysom, Vice President, Home Products, Etisalat UAE said: ""Innovation and technology leadership is deep rooted in Etisalat's culture. We were the first carrier to rollout High Definition TV; we were also the first to deliver fiber broadband nationally, positioning Abu Dhabi as the world's first fully fibered capital city. Rolling out IPv6 for our eLife customers is yet another first and will be a catalyst towards the smart home and the 'Internet of Things' future.

As this launch is set to revolutionize the communication of devices in the online world, Etisalat has conducted extensive testing and trials in the lead up to the launch of the internet standard. Under the rollout, each Etisalat eLife home customer will automatically receive a large allocation of IPv6 addresses enabling potentially thousands of devices to be connected in the future.

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