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At Mobile World Congress 2017 (MWC 2017) Huawei has led a number of activities including joint exhibitions, keynote speeches and industry forums, under the theme of "Open ROADS to a Better Connected World". During the event, more than 100 operators and partners from around the world demonstrated new innovations and ideas jointly developed with Huawei. The company also engaged in a dialogue with industry partners about the future of the telecoms industry and best practices to help operators achieve new value-driven growth.

The telecoms industry is in a crucial stage of digital transformation as new technologies emerge to drive a high quality user experience. A Better Connected World is dawning and the potential opportunities for the telecoms industry, which is the primary enabler of industry digitization, are beyond our imagination.

To compete in this new era, global operators are shifting from an "investment-driven" to a "value-driven" business model, where they are prioritizing the user experience, and the delivery of innovative services and greater value to their customers. Huawei helps its carrier customers maximize the value of their existing networks to drive greater efficiency, increase revenues, and sustainable business growth. Moving forward, Huawei will help operators leverage their strengths in data transmission to expand into new areas, such as offering video as a basic service, and cloud services to enable other industries, opening up new opportunities in markets worth trillions of dollars.

To help operators lead in the digital age, Huawei also delivered All Cloud solutions, enabling them to transform to a dynamic and on-demand approach that will allow them to rapidly expand and meet customer demands. Huawei is dedicated to working with partners to build a sustainable digital business ecosystem.

To fulfill its mission of "Building a Better Connected World", Huawei is encouraging the industry to adopt a Real-time, On-demand, All-online, DIY, and Social (ROADS) experience as a key standard for success in digital transformation. The company has helped advance the industry's digital efforts firstly on technology and architecture, then to the user experience, and now to the commercial value of digitization.

At its main exhibition booths, Huawei showcased its growth plans, business models and latest developments in themed areas: 'Maximizing Network Value', 'All Cloud to Support 5G', 'Agile Digital Operations' and 'Cloud-based Digital Services', including a complete range of All Cloud solutions (All Cloud core/wireless/bearer network solutions etc.). Furthermore, customers and partners visited the Huawei Consulting & Services VIP Showcase, Digital Transformation Dialog Center, Innovation City Exhibition and the Huawei Consumer Area to exchange views with Huawei and experienced Huawei's products and services.

Huawei executives also gave keynote speeches and engaged with industry partners at official MWC sessions. Topics included video, NB-IoT, cloud services, Telco 2.0, digital ecosystem and Huawei's vision for 2020.

Adhering to the principles of "openness, collaboration and shared success", Huawei held joint exhibitions with 100+ operators and partners at MWC 2017, compared to 70+ last year. Huawei, as always, held an Open Day on the last day of the event (March 2) to engage with partners and experts from diverse geographies and industries.

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