Sterlite Tech showcased its end-to-end telecom solutions at MWC, Barcelona. The showcase included optical communication products, network and system integration capabilities, Elitecore OSS/BSS, FTTX, Smart city solutions.

Sterlite Tech's MWC showcase included:
Smart City Solution: Sterlite Tech recently deployed first smart services city in India. With capabilities in designing, building and managing smarter networks, Sterlite Tech's Smart City implementations are enabling municipalities and governments to transform lives. Sterlite Tech's solution allows the convergence of multiple applications to a single fiber network, resulting in better optimization of investments. For example, a city can have single infrastructure instead of separate projects for fiberization of government offices, for management of traffic light and security cameras, for Wi-Fi in the city center and for residential high-speed internet.

Elitecore BSS with Digital Commerce and Customer Management Platform (DCCM): Tailored for telcos, DCCM is designed to digitize all business processes via every touch point, channel and device. It is based on a leading e-commerce platform which has been customized to suit the operators' needs, offering complete selling, marketing, monetization, revenue management, billing and self-care capabilities.

Network Infrastructure Innovation: Sterlite Tech's innovations in fiber connectivity and management solutions allow faster time to market and ease of adding components into the network in future. The company's product portfolio includes optical fibers, cables and high-rise/MDU Swift Passive Solution kits to deliver superior performance in data transmission and performance reliability with added functionality.

Ankit Agarwal, Global Head, Sales and New Ventures, Sterlite Technologies, said: "As an end-to-end solution provider, our smarter network capabilities have fiber connectivity as the backbone, which can offer network convergence of multiple services with OSS/BSS offering customer management and monetization capabilities within a single access network. Through such network convergence, we can deliver a wider range of services, adopt new business models, offer innovative services and enter new markets

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