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Allo Taxi has introduced Coope Taxi mobile App to Angolan market trying to make the transport freedom a reality with just a fingertip.

"Our mission is to exceed your expectations," Coope taxi have a steadfast commitment to deliver the highest standards of taxi service, and is now dedicated to providing safe, reliable and professional transportation for those living in Angola.

Reserving a taxi with COOPE Taxi is now faster! Whether you need a car for business or personal use just download COOPE Taxi application on iPhone or Android devices and make your booking in minutes.

Ordering a Cab has never been so simple, just follow the below few easy steps:

  • - Fill in your personal info
  • - Choose to pay through whichever method of payment that suits you best (account, credit card or cash) the prices are transparent and fixed in advance,
  • - Determine your pick up and drop off location
  • - Get your driver details

And DONE you can enjoy your ride!

The app comes with enhanced capabilities and features:

  • - Manage your Account: Account details, History and more
  • - Maps for pick up and drop off location
  • - Easy Payment methods
  • - Drivers Details
  • - Track your cars
  • - Multiple Booking
  • - Airport easy Booking
  • - Etc
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