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CommScope announced three new solutions empowering global operators to take the next step towards 10G, using the latest Remote PHY (R-PHY) and MACPHY Distributed Access Architecture (DAA) technologies. These additions give operators a new range of choices for realizing the advantages of DAA in both traditional segmented and fiber-deep architectures.

The original series of E6000n Remote PHY Devices (RPDs), the E6000n RD1322 RPD released last year, and the new E6000n RD2322 RxD leverage operators’ installed base of fiber nodes as the foundation for driving processing power closer to the customer premises. The advantages include better operational efficiencies, simplified headend operations, and a clearer path to virtualization.

Notably, the RD2322 2x2 RxD can operate in both Remote PHY and Remote MACPHY configurations, allowing operators to choose either architecture and enabling those who deploy in Remote PHY to make a seamless transition to Remote MACPHY via software and configuration changes. Furthermore, the new E6000r High Density (HD) R-PHY Shelf supplements the portfolio as a 1RU headend and hub-site offering that can host up to eight RPDs, for quickly increasing service group density and extending digital fiber networks. Finally, the proven original E6000n Remote PHY Device has a new variant, the OM6-RPD-112 that can support 1x2 operation in the OM6000 fiber node, doubling the available upstream service group density to serve more subscribers with higher service tiers.

“Our updated DAA portfolio highlights the range of choice that CommScope affords our operator customers,” said Kevin Keefe, senior vice president and segment leader, Broadband Networks, CommScope. “The RD2322 is a great example, giving operators the flexibility to deploy in either Remote PHY or Remote MACPHY architectures. Similarly, the HD Remote PHY Shelf enables a new level of density for the headend and the hub site. Whether it’s Remote PHY or Remote MACPHY, we have a solution to suit each operator’s unique vision and architecture.”

E6000n RD2322 Remote PHY and MACPHY Device (RxD)

As the newest step in the continuing evolution towards a full DAA, the E6000n RD2322 Remote PHY and MACPHY Device (RxD) can operate in either R-PHY or R-MACPHY architectures. RMD operation, which is a new addition to the CommScope portfolio, moves the MAC layer functions of the headend/hub out to the fiber optic node and places the digital/RF interface (i.e., the PHY layer) at the optical/coax boundary. This strategic move offers many potential benefits, including increased bandwidth capacity, improved fiber efficiencies (wavelengths and distance), simplified plant operations with digital optics, decreased loads on headend facility space and power systems, and directional alignment with NFV/SDN/FTTx systems of the future. The RD2322 readily deploys with the popular NC4000 and Opti Max OM41x0 series of optical nodes. 

E6000n RD1322 Remote PHY Device

The RD1322 is a 2x2 feature-rich Remote PHY Device that provides a dense solution that enables operators to build upon their installed base of fiber nodes (available for NC4000 and OM41x0 series of fiber nodes). 

E6000r High Density (HD) Remote PHY Shelf

The E6000r HD R-PHY Shelf is a flexible, high-density solution that hosts eight E6000n 1x2 RPDs. RPDs work in conjunction with the CCAP/CMTS Core to extend the PHY layer from the headend further into the network, closer to the customer. It is available for deployment in headends or hub sites — making it an excellent choice for achieving greater service group density. It helps operators to extend their digital fiber network and take advantage of the benefits of R-PHY. The speed of deployment and working with existing fiber nodes are major advantages of the HD R-PHY Shelf solution. The RPD provides full- spectrum support for digital broadcast TV, VoD, and DOCSIS 3.0 and DOCSIS 3.1, as well as strategic alignment with future NFV/SDN/FTTx systems.

The OM6-RPD-112 RPD represents an expansion of the proven, original series of CommScope RPDs to support 1x2 operation for the OM6000 fiber node, doubling the upstream service group density to serve more subscribers with higher service tiers.


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