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Nokia has unveiled a new portfolio of Wi-Fi 6 solutions with higher throughput, lower latency and better performance that gives customers flawless Wi-Fi connectivity in every corner of the home. Nokia Wi-Fi 6 solutions offer a unique combination of local intelligence in the home network and cloud-based intelligence across Wi-Fi access points to ensure optimal performance for every customer.

Wi-Fi 6 delivers 40% higher throughput, lower latency and simply connects more users and more devices, offering a high standard for anyone working, studying or relaxing from home. In addition, Wi-Fi 6 uses many of the same technologies as 5G, making it ideal for 5G mobile data offload.

Nokia’s new Wi-Fi 6 devices include fiber gateways, 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) gateways and mesh Wi-Fi beacons, all enabled with self-optimizing Wi-Fi. Nokia WiFi Mesh Middleware is embedded in the device operating system, which automatically and autonomously solves any issues with Wi-Fi performance, including interference and congestion. This real-time Wi-Fi optimization ensures the best channels and bands are selected to provide the fastest and most reliable connection for every user and every device. All devices are EasyMesh-certified and include value-add features, such as intelligent channel selection and wireless link metrics.

The Nokia WiFi Cloud Controller provides full visibility on all access points and allows optimization of Wi-Fi performance across neighboring homes and apartments. The Home Console provides a real-time holistic view of the Wi-Fi home network and gives help desk agents the ability to identify issues and root causes, while the Network Console gives the network administrator the power to monitor and optimize the Wi-Fi networks as a whole and proactively solve problems.

For end-users Nokia provides an easy to use mobile app that can be used to install, extend or manage the Wi-Fi network as well as enabling the additional services, like parental control.

Nokia is first to launch an EasyMesh-certified Wi-Fi 6 portfolio, with a combination of real-time, local optimization and an extended cloud-based optimization to achieve the best Wi-Fi performance.

Sandra Motley, President of Fixed Networks at Nokia, said, “More than ever, we are all relying on our broadband connection. But as everybody is experiencing firsthand, a common bottleneck is now the connectivity in the home. With our new Wi-Fi 6 portfolio, we are not only bringing superfast speeds into the home; we also bring a unique combination of local, real-time Wi-Fi optimization and a network-wide cloud-based optimization so service providers can offer incredible Wi-Fi performance to their customers.”

Chris DePuy, Technology Analyst and Founder at 650 Group, said, “The introduction of Wi-Fi 6 brings significant increases in network capacity and device speeds to the home. The technology is also set to become an essential network element for those operators looking to offload 5G traffic in the home or deliver on the latency requirements needed to support applications such as gaming.  Wi-Fi 6 delivers these benefits and more, but this requires unique network and performance management features to fully optimize the customer experience.”

Nokia Wi-Fi 6 enabled portfolio includes:

  • Nokia ONT G-2426G-A and XS-2426G-A: dual-band, AX1800 capable ONTs with GPON and XGS-PON uplinks respectively;
  • Nokia Wi-Fi Beacon 2 and Beacon 6: dual-band AX1800 and tri-band AX4200 capable mesh access point with Ethernet and Wi-Fi uplink, to extend the mesh network;
  • Nokia FastMile 5G Gateway 3 and 5G Gateway 3.1: dual-band, AX3600 capable mesh access point with 5G uplink with high-gain and omni-directional antennas, respectively.
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