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Huawei unveiled three new IP networking solutions, with an aim to empower Middle East enterprises with super computing power and intelligence and accelerate digital transformation across industries.

Launching the new solutions at the Huawei IP Club Carnival MENA 2022 event, Faisal Ameer Malik, CTO, Huawei Enterprise Group, Middle East said, “Intelligent IP networks - connecting things on one end and applications on the other end - have now become the cornerstone for digital transformation across industries. As enterprise digital transformation picks up speed, IP networks need to keep pace with the evolving cloud technologies and enterprise demands. Our new solutions aim to address these challenges; with its launch, we are reaffirming our relentless efforts to develop scenario-tailored solutions for partners and customers, creating new drivers for digitalization across industries.”

CloudFabric 3.0, Hyper-Converged Data Center Solution. This feature-rich solution has “fast” and “stable” key characteristics – ideal for building best-in-class data center networks and helping enterprises usher in a service center with super computing power. It offers the industry's only L3.5 autonomous driving network, which is needed to propel enterprise data centers towards multi-clouds and multi-DCs. Another highlight is Huawei’s unique AIFABRIC technology which enables data center switches to ensure zero packet loss high reliability, low latency, and high throughput, facilitating convergence to an all ethernet data center.

Huawei's SD-WAN Solution. This provides powerful networking, a superior user experience, and simplified O&M capabilities, meeting WAN interconnection requirements of enterprises of all shapes and sizes, as well as carriers and service providers. SD-WAN is an obvious choice in the cloud era for interconnecting enterprise branches, headquarters, and multiple clouds.

CloudCampus 3.0 Solution. Drawing on continued innovations in the WLAN, LAN Switch and SD-WAN fields, this solution introduces an extensive range of all-new products, including AirEngine 6761 Access Points, CloudEngine S8700 switches, and NetEngine AR6710 routers. As such, CloudCampus 3.0 stands out by offering "300 Mbps @ Everywhere" access experience for enterprises and doubling the cloud access efficiency. With these strengths, CloudCampus 3.0 can be widely used in industries like education, healthcare, finance, and energy to shorten time-to-market and improve operational efficiency.

Huawei IP Club Carnival MENA 2022 is the company’s annual regional flagship event dedicated to the IP networking industry and showcases Huawei's new groundbreaking IP products and solutions. Held under the theme of ‘Cloud-Network Synergy, Build a Deterministic Experience Network’, the event saw Huawei’s global and regional experts, industry analysts, customers and partners come together under one roof to discuss the latest network technology trends and discover how enterprises can best prepare for the intelligent era and inject new momentum into their digital development ambitions.

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