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Huawei Cloud showcased its industry-leading intelligent and simplified cloud native security solutions, which protect entities across the Middle East and Central Asia against sophisticated cyberattacks, during GISEC Global 2024 in Dubai.

Under the theme "Towards a Trusted, Resilient and Fully Connected Intelligent World," Huawei participated as GISEC Global’s Lead Strategic Partner for 2024. Huawei Cloud’s Chief Security Expert of Enterprise Digitalization and Cloud Transformation, Eagle Wan, delivered a keynote speech on the first day of the event entitled "Full Compliance Security, No Breakdowns, No Data Loss. No Problem." In his speech, Eagle emphasized that the Huawei Cloud cloud-native security system is rooted in a cloud platform that integrates assets, security, and security operations together, making it the optimal solution for the digital intelligent world.

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Combatting Incidents, Enhancing Security

Huawei Cloud has built a full-stack, cloud-native, defense-in-depth security system that leverages global synergy to protect the Huawei Cloud platform, services, and customer workloads from emerging security challenges. With its three security operation centers (SOCs) around the world, Huawei Cloud can defend against massive attacks with ease, with over 70% of security incidents cleared in one minute and over 99% of incidents cleared in five minutes.

Huawei Cloud launched the SecMaster at GISEC Global 2024, which leverages a full-stack cloud native security system based on a single security operations center (SOC) and seven layers of defense. The SecMaster works with other services to protect workloads at identity, network, application, server, data, and O&M layers.

Technologies like AI, networks, and cloud are pushing the boundaries of business design, boosting productivity, and redefining business models. Industries are plotting new roadmaps and forging ahead with greater speed. As digital transformation picks up speed, cybersecurity and privacy protection will become key to business success in the future digital world.

At GISEC, Huawei demonstrated the class-leading capabilities of its HiSec SASE solution for multi-branch enterprises, providing all-round protection at the cloud, network, edge, and endpoint levels; along with the HiSec Endpoint EDR for efficient threat detection, one-click recovery, and lightweight deployment.

Data Protection and Regulation

Huawei emphasized the importance of data protection, recognizing that data storage is the foundation of the intelligent world. Huawei's OceanProtect Backup Storage offers a remarkable three to fivefold increase in backup and recovery performance. It boasts the industry's exclusive six-layer Network and Storage Ransomware Protection features, guaranteeing the security and accessibility of backup data.

Additionally, Huawei emphasized the importance of open, transparent, secure, trustworthy, responsible, and capable alliances in the cybersecurity ecosystem.

Meanwhile, the Huawei Cybersecurity Forum will explore how enterprises can build Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and how to promote the development of the SASE industry in the future. Moreover, the Cybersecurity Enablement Bootcamp is designed for regulators in the Middle East and Central Asia region, providing them with an opportunity to learn about global cybersecurity legislation, governance practices, and industry best practices and standards in the areas of 5G and cloud security.

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