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Smart cities use information and communication technologies to enhance quality of life, sustainability, and efficiency in infrastructure and processes. By 2025, the Middle East expects to invest nearly USD 50 billion in smart city projects. In densely populated urban areas, services like building management systems, video, and Wi-Fi use huge amounts of internet bandwidth. Therefore, smart cities need the construction of high-bandwidth, highly secure, reliable, and flexible all-optical networks to reduce operational expenses (OpEx) and support future growth.

 Rosenberger leads the way in data center cabling solutions, holding a long-standing position at the top in the cabling and fiber optic connectivity market. With the rise of the digital economy and artificial intelligence (AI), Rosenberger continually innovates to deliver value, introducing new solutions for various application scenarios, and consistently providing exceptional products and services to its customers.

Empowering Smart Enterprises with HDCS® Enterprise Cabling Solution

As technologies like mobile internet, 5G, and cloud technologies grow, industries such as finance, energy, public sectors, and others face more challenges. For example, banks are facilitating more transactions, oil companies require better data analysis and managing various IT systems becomes trickier. In short, enterprises need better network connection for data analysis, processing, and storage than ever before, leading to new requirements for enterprise network cabling systems, with high performance, reliability, and network security becoming increasingly important.

Rosenberger's enterprise network cabling systems are user-centric, making installation and maintenance easy, while considering the total cost of ownership (TCO). They offer different types of cables, including copper and fiber optic, to suit various needs. The CAT 6A cables provide fast speeds of up to 10 Gbps while ensuring there's enough room for the system to work smoothly. The shielded cables are great at protecting against interference, keeping the system secure and stable. With fiber optic cables, there are different types available, such as G652D/G657A, OM3, OM4, OM5, ensuring good performance over long-distance connections and high-speed data transmission.

Rosenberger's smart cable system uses both software and hardware to improve how cables are managed. Using a software platform, users can quickly find and fix issues with the hardware (modules, patch panels, jumpers, etc.), making it easier to see how the system is set up and used. Additionally, reporting and graphical management functions can be integrated with enterprise digital systems to improve management efficiency.

Boosting AI with HDCS® Data Center Cabling Solution

Data centers are booming due to the advent of AI, represented by hotspots like ChatGPT and Sora from OpenAI. AI data centers not only demand clustered and scaled computing power but also stringent requirements for the transmission rate and latency of underlying data. Moreover, due to the rapid iteration of AI technology, the ability of data center cabling to seamlessly upgrade quickly becomes paramount.


Rosenberger's data center cabling solutions, based on PreCONNECT fiber optic technology, comes in different types—like Vela, Taurus, and Norma—to adapt to different cabling densities, achieving ultra-high cabling densities with 1U 192-core LC connectors, and providing a basic guarantee for the scale and density of AI computing clusters. These cables support different speeds like 40G/100G/400G/800G, making upgrades easy.

Rosenberger also makes cables with ultra-low loss, so data can travel long distances without losing much speed. This helps supercomputers work better and leaves room for even faster networks in the future. Rosenberger’s ultra-low loss connection products greatly reduce the overall loss of OM3/OM4/OM5 fiber optic links, extending the maximum length of the system links to 1.5 times the standard, meeting the needs of ultra-long links in supercomputing centers, and reserving space for future upgrades to higher-speed 1.6T/3.2T networks.

Entering Smart Tomorrow with Leading Technology Today

As the world gets warmer and we consume more energy, liquid cooling technology has emerged as a new trend for building green and energy-efficient data centers. Rosenberger's liquid-cooled data center cabling solutions provide specialized liquid-cooled cable distribution frames, featuring IP67-rated Mini-RMC multicore connectors compatible with liquid cooling. This keeps the cables safe from the cooling liquids, making sure they stay stable and reliable even with ultra-high bandwidth transmission.

Moreover, Rosenberger has developed customized products for customers' specific needs. For example, it offers CAT 6A cables that work great, without needing a lot of operational experience and usage skills; RJ45 POE field termination connectors supporting POE++; RFID-based smart jumpers for rapid port identification and system management; and pollution-resistant jumpers based on coating technology that resists dirt, keeping fiber ends clean.


Rosenberger's cabling solutions adopt a structured, intelligent, design philosophy; with simple operation, flexible configuration, and convenient scalability and upgradeability. To realize the vision of smart cities in the Middle East, Rosenberger will continue to lead technological innovation by continuously promoting the development of intelligent network infrastructure and bringing the latest tech. Rosenberger is dedicated to making sure its solutions are fast, use less energy, and keep data safe, helping customers achieve greater success on the path of digital transformation. Whether customers are facing mobile internet, 5G, and artificial intelligence (AI) challenges or are adapting to emerging technological innovations in the future, Rosenberger is a trusted partner, jointly creating a brighter future for a smart tomorrow.

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