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The Diriyah Gate Development Authority (DGDA) has signed an agreement with a joint venture between Integrated Telecom Company LLC (Salam) and Telecommunications Towers Company Ltd. (TAWAL) to provide telecommunications services to the first phase of the Diriyah project.

The 15-year “Design, Build and Operate” contract covers open-access services for visitors, tenants and residents of Diriyah; fiber optic connectivity for 2,000 plots; and more than 80 telecom towers to be erected over the next three years.

Work commenced in August 2022 with the construction of temporary towers to enable telecom services during the construction phase. Saudi Arabia’s three primary mobile operators — stc, Mobily and Zain — shared the use of each tower to minimize the number of towers required for coverage and their impact on the urban silhouette and landscape.

DGDA GCEO Jerry Inzerillo commented: “The contract with Salam and TAWAL will boost Diriyah’s offering, providing high-speed wireless and fiber connectivity to tenants, residents and visitors to Diriyah, a key element that will help enhance overall quality of life. The project is part of Diriyah’s comprehensive plan to offer neutrally managed high-speed connectivity, support the Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, integrate smart city technology and allow our residents and visitors to easily select their preferred service provider.”

Salam CEO Ahmed Al-Anqari added: “Salam is proud to contribute towards Saudi Vision 2030, not only by supporting the Kingdom’s digital transformation journey but also by assisting in the diversification and sustainability of our economy. We are proud to be partnering with such visionary companies and look forward to what the next 15 years bring to Saudi Arabia and to Salam.”

TAWAL CEO Eng. Mohammed Alhakbani highlighted: “This project will see us develop a state-of-the-art IT and telecom infrastructure that will be shared between service providers, enabling them to host the latest technologies in Diriyah. In addition, the project will offer users indoor connectivity solutions, further establishing Diriyah as a modern and sustainable destination.”

New telecom services across Wadi Hanifah and Wadi Safar will also improve wireless connectivity and provide 4G and 5G services to residents and visitors. The services will also replace the providers’ original towers with improved camouflaged versions that better blend in with the surroundings.

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