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In 2023, center3 significantly advanced the global digital infrastructure by expanding our submarine cable network landings in Saudi Arabia. This growth increased our cable landing stations from four to nine, markedly enhancing center3's global connectivity capabilities and the reliability of our network infrastructure. These stations are renowned for their strategic locations and pivotal roles in global connectivity:

Jeddah Region Cable Landing Stations: Strategically distributed across the city, the Jeddah Cable Landing Stations solidify its status as a prime hub for international submarine cable systems, hosting ten submarine cable systems. Designed to the highest quality standards, these stations facilitate the latest generation of high-capacity systems, including the prestigious Saudi Vision Submarine System and the revolutionary 2Africa Cable System, along with many others like IMEWE, EIG, SMW4 and MENA. They enable us to harness the full potential of global communications from Jeddah, offering businesses hosting services in Saudi Arabia and access to enhanced worldwide connectivity.

Yanbu Region Cable Landing Stations: The two Yanbu landing stations, situated on the Red Sea coast, are modern facilities that support four high-capacity submarine cable systems including SVC, IEX, 2Africa, and SMW5. These stations provide a secure and efficient platform for seamless global connectivity and data transmission.

Duba Region Cable Landing Station: The Duba Cable Landing Station, a state-of-the-art facility, hosts the Saudi Vision cable system and provides seamless global connectivity. With its Tier-III certification, the Duba station upholds the highest standards of reliability, security, and performance, minimizing downtime and meeting the dynamic demands of the digital landscape.

Haql Region Cable Landing Station: Situated on the northern coast of the Red Sea, the Haql Cable Landing Station is a modern facility that hosts the Saudi Vision cable system, enabling seamless global and national connectivity. Also boasting Tier-III Data Center certification, this station ensures top-tier reliability and uninterrupted service. It is designed to accommodate multiple future cable systems, offering scalable infrastructure for expanding connectivity options.

Al Khobar Region Cable Landing Stations: Located in the kingdom's eastern province, the Al Khobar Cable Landing Stations offer a robust infrastructure for seamless global communication from the Arabian Gulf’s coast. These stations host the advanced 2Africa Pearl cable system and are positioned near multiple data centers owned by center3, providing strategic advantages for businesses seeking enhanced connectivity and efficient data exchange. The proximity to these data centers allows for seamless integration and access to a wide range of services and resources.

Enabling a Globally-Connected Digital Hub

center3's landing stations expansion is a transformative step towards situating Saudi Arabia at the heart of global, digital connectivity. This strategic development is a leap forward in making the Kingdom a Digital Hub for data traffic across three continents. Here’s how this expansion positions Saudi Arabia and center3 at the forefront of digital innovation:

  1. A Central Hub for Global Connectivity: Our new cable landing stations have further positioned Saudi Arabia as a globally-connected digital hub. These stations are central to a network that connects Asia, Africa, and Europe, offering a strategic location for global data flow and making the Kingdom an essential part of the world's digital backbone.
  2. Low Latency Corridor: By bridging east and west, the extended network through Saudi Arabia offers a low latency route for traffic crossing between the continents. This is a game-changer for global communications, offering speed and efficiency that are critical for modern digital operations.
  3. Local Availability of Digital Services: The expansion is also about bringing content and digital services closer to the consumer. With center3's data centers and cables, we're ensuring that the Kingdom becomes a source and destination for digital services, enhancing the local digital ecosystem and supporting the growth of content delivery networks within the region.

Looking Ahead

The expansion of center3's submarine cable landing stations demonstrates our commitment to spearheading global connectivity. By investing in infrastructure that is crucial to the flourishing digital economy, center3 is proactively preparing to meet the challenges associated with data growth.

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, the importance of such foundational infrastructure cannot be overstated. Poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of global communications, center3's enhanced network is dedicated to fueling innovation, bridging communities across the world, and driving digital transformation.

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