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The inception of center3 is a story of decisive action in Saudi Arabia’s rapidly evolving digital landscape. Recognizing the increasing demands of the digital era, telecom operator, stc, identified the need to focus attention on hosting and data services. This was particularly important to meet the evolving requirements of hyperscalers, content providers, and enterprises transitioning to the cloud in the region. Consequently, stc spun off part of its organization and assets into a new entity dedicated to addressing these specific digital requirements.

Launched in October 2022, the entity was aptly named 'center3,’ reflecting its strategic role as a connector of three continents— Asia, Africa, and Europe. center3 was thus born out of a mission to offer robust and scalable digital infrastructure solutions. Its first year has been an intense period for the entire organization, but particularly for Mr. AlHajeri, who has steered the company with a clear vision: to create a state-of- the-art digital infrastructure provider that not only serves the immediate needs of the market but also lays the foundation for future growth and innovation.

center3: Building the Regional Digital Hub

A digital hub is essentially a digital infrastructure ecosystem that encompasses an array of critical components such as data centers, internet exchange points, terrestrial and submarine cables, all working in unison to bring together various digital service providers, cloud providers, content creators, and telecommunication networks, thereby fostering an environment of collaboration, innovation and high-speed connectivity. This convergence not only enhances the efficiency and reach of digital services but also propels economic growth by supporting a wide range of industries that rely on robust digital infrastructure. Capitalizing on its robust Digital Hub, center3 has already successfully on-boarded a number of partners, including major hyperscalers and content providers. These widely-publicized partnerships underscore the compelling value proposition that center3's Digital Hub offers to its customers. By choosing center3, these industry-leading partners have acknowledged the hub's superior infrastructure, strategic location, and integrated service offerings as critical to their operational success.

As a result, center3's Digital Hub is rapidly evolving into a dynamic and versatile platform, catering to a wide spectrum of digital needs and driving innovation across the region. This synergy between center3 and its cloud and content partners reflects a shared vision for advancing digital connectivity and services, further enhancing the digital ecosystem of the Middle East.

center3's Portfolio: Empowering the Digital Revolution

At the heart of center3's operations is a suite of advanced digital services, meticulously engineered to meet the diverse needs of the modern digital era. center3 boasts a network of 25 carrier-neutral Tier III and Tier IV data centers both operational and under construction, strategically located across Saudi

Arabia and Bahrain. Catering to the needs of diverse types of customers, these data centers provide the robust foundation necessary for hosting critical digital operations, ensuring reliability and continuous service. Recognizing the importance of international connectivity as a complementary value proposition for center3’s future customer base, stc ensured (during the company's inception) that center3 would inherit its extensive network of submarine cables, spanning from Singapore to Europe and South Africa.

While eleven of these cables are currently operational, center3 has invested in five new ones, such as 2Africa, IEX, and the Saudi Vision Cable, to address the ever-growing demand for data.

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