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The biggest tech show in the region, GITEX 2021 has opened its doors to visitors and exhibitors. The latest innovations in technology across sectors ranging from government services to digital money will be on display over next 4 days.

Etisalat Group’s newly appointed chief executive officer for UAE operations, Masood M. Sharif Mahmood shares his views and the ambitions of Etisalat in the digital transformation journey during GITEX.  

What should we look forward at the Etisalat stand this year at GITEX Global 2021?

Every year we get the best and most futuristic showcases to GITEX, that are set to mesmerise visitors with many of the exhibits making a presence for the first time globally on our stand.

We are bringing the future of transport, healthcare, retail, education, home entertainment, business, showcasing 5G use cases across these verticals and how innovative solutions can be applied in our environment becoming a digital reality.

The mobility area is a show-stopper every year, giving visitors an insight into the future of autonomous transportation, and in robotics. Many of the transformative technologies will highlight how they can enhance lives of the differently-abled with a wearable robotic exoskeleton while witnessing how humanoid robots interact with visitors and how 5G robotic assistants can support industrial operations with VR capabilities. Visitors also get a sneak peek into the future of healthcare with robotics that help complex and sensitive procedures; in the post-pandemic era, the role of robotic technologies in making education an interactive learning experience, and also re-defining the smart home with immersive technologies.

Retail is another area which converts the brick-and-mortar experience to digital retail with 5G-connected solutions, virtual shopping, and drone delivery set to transform consumer retail lifestyle. Many of the use cases are focused on AI, machine learning and computer vision with Etisalat’s payment functionality, demonstrating our capability of providing complete end-to-end solutions in this domain with enhancements like biometrics, wearables and facial recognition for payments.

With our theme this year focused on ‘Shaping the new Digital Era’, these showcases will take the visitor on a journey of the future, where they will witness the impossible of the past, which has become the reality of today.

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