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Customers of Integrated Telecom Company (ITC), the leading Information and Communications Technology Company have not suffered from any cyber-attacks that many government and private sectors have had over the past few days, as their systems were protected by ITC's advanced Saudi Executive Cloud system.

Technology Commission has warned organizations to be on the alert for cyber-attacks including a version of the destructive ""Shamoon"" virus which affected more than 30,000 computers at ARAMCO in 2012.

The VP of engineering at ITC Eng. Ahmed Al Anqari comments: ""This system provides a number of services that contribute to the protection of customers from any cyber-attacks. These services include Anti- DDoS, one of the most powerful security solutions which protect businesses from one of the most paralyzing threats to companies. These attacks are increasingly targeted at specific markets such as financial sectors, government entities, E-Commerce companies, E-Learning universities, colleges and institutes, ISPs and hosting providers. Such attacks can cause downtime, drive up bandwidth cost, result in customer churn, and can eventually lead to severe financial loss.""

He also mentioned that the company offers Anti-DDoS as part of ITC's Cloud security services. It provides a cloud- based DDoS detection and mitigation services. The great thing is that customer can implement a robust Anti-DDoS service without investing in expensive hardware or professional services. ITC Anti-DDoS proactively monitors organizational traffic patterns from within ITC Data Centers.

""Equally important, the Web Security Service provided by Executive Cloud enables customers to secure their web access without any operational impact whilst introducing additional value added features such as cost effective, easy to manage and fully inclusive web security solution with high end performance.""

Moreover, Eng. Al Anqari confirmed that Executive Cloud provides Virtual Firewall Service which delivers all the benefits of the physical firewall to secure customer's environment without the need to deploy and manage physical firewall. The Firewall solution with purpose built hardware and software provides technology-leading performance for the most demanding networking environments. As ITC's integrated architecture provides an extremely high output while accurately scanning the data for threats.

Executive Cloud from ITC also provides Secure Email Gateway service that delivers a cost effective, easy to manage fully inclusive email security solution with high-end performance and value added features such as encryption and archiving to help organizations remain secure whilst achieving regulatory compliance. The gateway may be used as a policy-based email archive solution for inbound or outbound email, which is required by many organizations for compliance purposes.

Furthermore, Elite Internet combines ITC's Dedicated Internet (BDI) and Anti-DDoS services. This sophisticated service provides businesses with the ultimate protection and the fastest internet.

ITC works with a number of IT specialized partners to provide communication solutions, managed services and cloud services, which rank it in the forefront of Information and Communications Technology Service (ICT) providers in Saudi Arabia that enhances its capability to provide the best services that suit the government and business sectors in the Kingdom.

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